The One Video You Must Watch Today

Today I did a meditation where I had to think about Nature. From where I was sitting, which was the comfortable spot of my bed, the most of Nature I can see are a few branches and the ever graying sky above them.

Weather-wise, today is bleak and monotonous, grey and windy. And while I am a little hippy at heart and love trees and nature, I found it hard to be inspired by such a dull scene. However, I remembered a video I watched – I came across this on and I really hope you take six minutes out of your day to watch this video.

If I am ever down, if I am ever losing faith, if I am ever convinced that l cannot see the positives in my world, I watch this; a video by Louis Schwartzberg.

Enjoy, my friends, and know that we are never alone, we are surrounded by beauty, and, as the saying goes, there is always something to be grateful for.