So You’re A Singleton…


I’m 26 and single. I’ve been single since I was 21 apart from a month long relationship with a guy who wanted nothing more than to settle down and reproduce – talk about scaring a girl off…?!

Something I don’t understand at all at the moment is how people who are single go out and meet guys without having to be in a bar… What do you do???

I know that in America and England and other places that there are loads of things for people to do… Ireland doesn’t have the same level of opportunity I guess…?

This weekend, I have been the equivalent of recluse. I am Stoney broke – paying off a holiday so in the long run it’s for the best. I went out for food with one of my friends who has recently met a new guy and is seeing him exclusively – they met in a club. Yesterday I called to my cousin and visited my grandfather in the hospital… I stayed in last night and watched the rest of a tv series. Today I slept in, got up, made meringues, and have been watching Mean Girls whilst drinking tea and eating a mint aero.

All of my antics have made me think about what the hell I’m doing to better things for myself…. How easy was it for us to meet guys when we were in school and college?! Answer = Simple! So easy it wasn’t even funny! Now, it feels like its impossible to meet anyone without being surrounded by alcoholic beverages and drunk people! I’d love to be able to turn around in years to come and say that I met my husband somewhere a little bit more unconventional. It seems the only options are to find a guy in a pub or on Tinder.


I feel like I must be stupid to be holding out for something a little bit more romantic than a screen or a shot?! Am I? I really don’t know whether I’m being stupid by thinking like this…. If I’m not being stupid, then what do I do next? Can someone in this WordPress world tell me what I need to do next?! I’m not by any means desperate, but I would like to get back out there on the dating scene! I’ve spent the last few years working on me… My confidence and self esteem have gone up, my weight is going down, exercise is a vital role in my routine, as is work, yoga, music, reading, having fun… Etc…

So, I’m a Singleton… And have no idea what to do with myself…?!

Apart from this, I want to finish my post on a more positive note…

Over the last few years I’ve learned an awful lot about myself so I’m really grateful to have had the time to do this. I’m really enjoying my life at the moment (apart from being married to my job maybe) and I love trying to make the most of things. I’m really proud of the positive person I’ve transformed into and the confidence that I’ve developed. I love myself. Not in an uppity, stuck up way… I’ve gone from hating myself to having a reasonable level of self love and respect. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of who I am, where I come from, what I do, what I believe in – and I have no intention of ever changing myself to suit someone else ever again. I’m not going to settle for someone because I feel lonely, I’m not going to spend my days searching for The One. I’m willing to take the time to be myself, to live my best life and, if The One comes along in the meantime then that will be a lovely little added bonus! 😉



Happiest of Fridays to You!


Hope everyone in the WordPress World has a magnificent Friday!

I know that we’re not meant to be living for Friday (and I can honestly say I usually don’t) but this week has been intense to say the least and I am so glad that it’s the weekend!

In order to celebrate I want to direct your attention to a website that I will frequently be adding links to: – a website where people make and share playlists, you can simply enter your mood, feelings, event, etc and be presented with a list of playlists that match your mood!

Here is your Feelgood Friday Playlist!

Have a weekend full of fun, wonder, laughter, and love!