2015… Let’s Be Having You…


It is 2015 and here I am again trying to promise myself I’ll blog more and document my life for myself.

The thing is, I know that this is unrealistic. I’ll write about a couple of things, come to the realisation that what I’m doing is a bit stupid and forget about it until next year. A girl can at least try to make an attempt though! 😉

2015 has been eventful so far…. From ballroom dancing in the kitchen with my brother (which neither of us can actually do btw) to already being on a course of antibiotics, to a bff going on a date with a guy I kissed and liked…. So, dear reader, I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself. This is NOT how I was hoping 2015 would start off…

I am now 26, and single. Still single. My family have their running jokes about it…my grandmother calls me up with personal ads from the newspaper, tries to hook me up with Ministers of the Eucharist from her church (why do this to me-I am so not religious?!) and my brothers make running jokes, asking me when my dog is going to propose go me… Do I really need to go on??

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to be more positive and more optimistic. I’ve gone from being on antidepressants to being a generally happy and bubbly person, but my self esteem and confidence are things that I’m still struggling with. It sucks… I don’t know how to amend this glitch in my inner wiring system…!

Won’t you join me as I try to work my ass of to being proud of myself and happy with who I am…? I know I don’t need a man to define me, I don’t need anyone in my life to justify how great of a person I am, but, if I’m to be frank, I’m starting to worry that I may just be getting left behind. It’s been a Christmas full of engagements and weddings, full of boys talking to me about how much they love my best friend and asking how do they get her to go out with them, and general Slap-you-in-the-face, kick-you-in-the-balls sort of events. I was so determined that this year was going to be the best year of my life and it seems that after only four days in, I’ve hit a brick wall.

Currently I’m thinking of myself as your modern day Bridget Jones…. I have no idea how to play the game, but I’m damn well going to take a stab at it this year.

Today’s task is as follows: get the courage to add a guy on Facebook, the guy you were talking to at the bar…. (Insides are churning at the thought of this already but if you’re really serious about getting yourself out there, about making this one of the best years of your life then you need to step out if this comfort zone you have built yourself and do a few things that scare you a bit – no excuses!)


So, my dear and lovely readers and bloggers, I have high hopes for this year. I hope manage to spread the joy, halve my burdens and make a few new friends. And, if I happen to rid myself of my Bridget Jones status along the way then that’ll just be an added bonus!